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The 25 Most Followed Women on Instagram… You won’t believe #4.


If you go on instagram everyday to check out what’s hot (who doesn’t?)… and want to know who to follow – then this is the list. These women all have millions of followers on instagram and that trend isn’t going to stop any time soon. Check out the 25 most followed women on instagram! #1… […]

The 18 Best Gluten Free Fast Food Menu Items!

Gluten Free Protein Style Burger - Photo credit

Sure you’re trying to eat healthy, but every now and again we have need something in a hurry – so we speed on through the Drive-Thru. Instead of heading for that gluttonous Big Mac – here are 18 Gluten Free items that will feel a little lighter in the gut. #18  Lettuce-Wrapped Quarter Pounder with […]

Best Celebrity Impressions – Check out Kevin Spacey!

credit: NBC: The Tonight Show

We love to see our favorite stars acting in big blockbuster hits or popular tv shows, but showing off their REAL skills like impersonating their favorite celebrities is a true art form caught in these awesome videos! Which one is your favorite?   Actress and SNL alum Maya Rudolph does a great Gwen Stefani impression […]

14 Tiny Houses to Make You Go Awe! #6 is so cute!

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 2.24.21 PM

Smurfs, Hobbits, and now you can all live little-lized with tiny houses. People all over the world are custom building 600 sq feet and below tiny houses to lead a more simpler and compact life. Which one of these tiny houses could you see yourself living in? #1  387 sq. ft. solar powered cottage with […]

12 Most Outrageous Kids Rooms – #2 is OMG!!

pirate ship kids bed

Remember your bedroom as a kid? We bet it wasn’t as insane as these kids’ rooms! From Fairy Princess Castles to Trucks and Lego themed-rooms – welcome to outrageousness courtesy of even more outrageous parents who dared to decorate these extravagant kid spaces!   #12 This is the coolest book fort bedroom! Now we can […]

21 Life Hacks You Can’t Live Without – #18 will change your life!

life hacks candle crayon

Life is about the journey, but anytime we can cut corners and make the tedious chores of day to day living a bit easier  – – we’ll take it!! Here are our favorite life hacks dedicated to everyone who just needs a break in life! #1 Finally! We won’t hammer our fingers!       […]

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