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10 Diet Foods That Aren’t So Healthy After All… I Still Have A Hard Time Believing #7

If your diet has consisted of fast food and french fries for the last few months or years, we were made for each other.  We would get along just fine, even maybe married.  Unfortunately, one can only dream of a life of eat-what-you-want and not have to worry about your health. Good news though.  There are foods out there that are made for dieting and for being health-conscious.  Unfortunately, these foods may cause more harm than good. Here is a list of my Top 10 “diet” foods that make you fat:

1.  Smoothies

Sure they may quench your thirst or cool you down on a hot day, but you’ll also fit in a meal’s worth of calories or more with just a 16-ounce berry smoothie.  If you’re going to drink a smoothie, stay away from the higher calorie options like frozen yogurt,sherbets/sorbets, granola, and peanut butter.


2.  Yogurt

While bland plain yogurt has about 16 grams of carbs per cup, you could be almost doubling that by eating flavored yogurt, which is about the equivalent of eating about four teaspoons of sugar.  Instead, try plain low-fat yogurt and stir in a small teaspoon of maple syrup, honey, or all natural fruit spread for flavor.  Or try fat-free Greek yogurt which is lower in sugar than even plain regular yogurt.


3.  Sugar-Free Candy and Cookies

So would you rather have more fat in your food and less sugar, or more sugar and less fat?  Well, when manufacturers remove the sugar from your sweet snacks, they usually have to add fat to it.  One of the more popular chocolate-chip cookie makers have cookies that contain around 160 calories and 9 grams of fat per cookie!  One alternative would be to try a 100 calorie snack pack, or Grandma’s old staple:  Graham crackers.


4.  Trail Mix

There is good and bad here.  If you go into the store and buy their version of trail mix, say yogurt-covered fruit, or fruit chips (i.e. banana chips), you could be eating a very high amount of fats and oils.  Best option is to put together your own nuts and dried fruits and create your own, and limit that amounts of fried products like banana chips. trail_mix

5.  Veggie Chips

I know you won’t believe me on this, but go and compare these veggie chips to it’s’ potato chip cousin and you’ll see that they both have similar amounts of calories, grams of fat, and sodium in common.  Also read the label and see if the veggie chips aren’t really potato flour and food coloring {gasp}.  If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to veggie chips, try a small serving of baked tortilla chips and some salsa (preferably homemade). veggie_sticks

6.  Sushi

More focused on the take-out “Americanized” sushi that are stuffed with higher calorie ingredients like mayonnaise, chees, and cream cheeses, this type of sushi can actually increase fat deposits and weight gain.  Also, stay away from tempura rolls, as tempura is just another way of saying “rolled in batter and fried”.


7.  Granola

One would think that granola would be a safe choice for dieters, but did you know that one cup of granola can contain up to 560 calories and almost 30 grams of fat, and that’s even before you put in the moo-juice?  If you’re craving granola, keep it to one-quarter cup, or eat high-bran wheat flakes.


8.  Ground Turkey

You’d think that turkey meat would be healthier than other meats, but most ground turkey includes skin and fat in the mixture.  Believe it or not, a four ounce serving of ground turkey meat contains over 17 grams of fat, almost triple the amount for the same amount of lean ground beef.  If you’re set on ground turkey, look for extra-lean turkey. ground_turkey

9.  Fat-Free Salad Dressing

Well, lettuce is one of the negative calorie foods at about eight calories per cup.  What you put on the lettuce makes or breaks your weight loss efforts.  Just because your salad dressing says “fat free” doesn’t mean it’s good for you.  The vegetables your body digests need fat to absorb the nutrients.  Instead, try a reduced-fat dressing that is oil-based.


10.  Diet Sodas

Recent evidence shows the people that drink zero-calorie soda gained more weight than those who didn’t.  One study also concluded that soda drinkers had an increased chance of developing metabolic syndrome which can include high blood pressure and increased abdominal fat.  Say it isn’t so!  Best option:  water.  Second best option:  sparkling mineral water.


Photos courtesy of CNN, Wikipedia, and Snack Girl

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