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12 Most Outrageous Kids Rooms – #2 is OMG!!

Remember your bedroom as a kid? We bet it wasn’t as insane as these kids’ rooms! From Fairy Princess Castles to Trucks and Lego themed-rooms – welcome to outrageousness courtesy of even more outrageous parents who dared to decorate these extravagant kid spaces!


#12 This is the coolest book fort bedroom! Now we can read our Harry Potters in peace!!

book fort bed kids room










#11 Catch some zzzz’s while catching this wave

wave bed kids










#10 This is one airplane we could definitely sleep on!

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 3.20.05 PM










#9 I Get Top Sailboat!

boat bedroom kids







#8 Don’t Rock the Ferris Wheel!

ferris wheel kids bedroom










#7  Have you ever slept in the back of a pickup? Guarantee this is way more comfortable!

truck kids bedroom








#6 TreeHouse Bedroom – hopefully no squirrels live in there!

treehouse girls bedroom










#5 Lego my Legos!

lego themed bedroom kids










#4 This kid probably works out more than we do!

kids gym workout basketball room










#3 Skate or Die! or just make your bedroom skateboard-themed

skateboard room kids








#2 Even Cinderella is jealous of this kid…

Cinderella kids room






cinderella kids bedroom









princess bedroom kids








#1 Yo Ho Yo Ho – I wish my parents were rich!

pirate ship kids bed








BONUS!!!  Your kids will never leave home!

dream house kids bedroom

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