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14 Amazingly Expensive Dinner Tabs!! Number 11 Is Actually Making Me Uncomfortable

Who wants to cook at the house all the time? Booo-ring! Let’s go out!!! Don’t have to convince these ballers on our list here. They know what’s up.


1. Like Game of Thrones stars Gwendoline Christie (Brienne of Tarth) and Pedro Pascal (Oberyn Martell) went out for burgers in South Beach. The tab at Baoli reportedly was $1,200. They ordered the Baoli burger, burrata, tuna tartare, some sushi rolls, filet mignon, sea bass and some drinks. HBO picked it up so, hey, it’s cool.



2. In 2012, rookies of the Miami Dolphins picked up a $7,400 steak dinner tab for 10: ¬†that’s $740 a head- as part of the team’s bonding experience. It’s tradition for the rookies to pay for the vets. Aside from appetizers, wines and lemon drop shots, the group ordered Wagyu beef at Prime One Twelve steakhouse in Miami Beach.



3. Documents requested by Hews Media Group- Community News showed that the taxpayers of Cerritos, California picked up a $5,000 lavish dinner tab for some elected officials elected in the area. The gathering was catered by Patina, one of Orange County’s private exclusive caterers.


4. Last year, businessman Craig Ransley said the $1,800 lunch he paid for former NSW government minister Ian Macdonald and others at Sydney’s Catalina restaurant was not lavish. The group of 8 had two bottles of Grosset Polish Hill riesling, one bottle of Cullen Diana Madeleine, magnum of Wantirna Lily pinot noir, oysters, duck, beef tenderloin, suckling pig, desserts, cheeses and an entree per head.


5. Last year, an official from a Chinese-government owned white appliances giant, Gree Group, got suspended for spending 37,000 yuan or about $5,910 on lunch. “Hey uptight bossman: that’s how the players play.”


6. Former Philippine President Gloria Arroyo and other officials of the Philippines made headlines in 2009 when they dined at Le Cirque, one of the top restaurants in the world. The private dinner was reportedly paid for by the family of Imelda Marcos. What was the tab? Not your business…


7. In February, Willie Robertson, the star of Duck Dynasty, paid $5,000 on a late-night meal after President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address. But that’s not the actual news. He reportedly left another $5,000 gratuity on that lavish meals. He doesn’t strike me as an Obama kind of guy…

Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 6.22.08 PM

9. In 2010, Dez Bryant picked up a $55,000 dinner tab for his Dallas Cowboys teammates. The then-rookie said he was cool with paying for the meal. “It was all in the spirit of fun.” Hey, maybe his card gets airline miles.



10. Minnesota Vikings offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie bought over 15 bottles of Champagne at a party, among other things. The bar tab? $100,000! That guy there really looks like Rick Ross.



11. On Valentines Day this year, Michelin starred chef Adam Simmonds offered an eight-course menu for those who want to have a romantic yet, well, memorable dinner. The price tag for the experience : £61,000! How is that possible?



12. The Yubari King Melons are perhaps the most expensive fruits you could have for dessert after a filling dinner. In a 2008 auction for the fruit, someone made a bid of as much as $22,872 for this very costly and one-of-a-kind cantaloupe.



13. Scottish chef Domenico Crolla’s Pizza Royale 007 is not your regular pizza fare. It is topped with lobsters marinated in cognac, champagne-soaked caviar, tomato sauce, Scottish smoked salmon, prosciutto, venison medallions, vintage balsamic vinegar and edible 24-karat gold flakes. All yours for $4,200!



14. If you intend to propose, you might want to take your beloved to dinner at Arnaud’s in New Orleans. They offer a proposal package composed of their signature Strawberries Arnaud dessert and a 7.09 carat pink diamond ring- all for the price tag of $3.95 million.



These prices, restaurants, and everyone mentioned in this post are INSANE.

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