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14 Of The Most Unique, Bizarre Churches You Will Ever See…Cancel My Membership At #8!!

Churches are places of worship, symbols of communities, and often many other things. At times, some make, well, quite a bold statement. Here’s 14 that are indeed worth a look!

1. Lego Church

Enschede, Netherlands. Yep, it’s real. Surely the pastor’s not boring at this one! He couldn’t possibly be…

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 10.07.19 PM


2. The Church of Hallgrimur, Reykjavik, Iceland

At 244 feet tall, this church is a must-see on your next trip to Iceland. Looks super creepy to me though, like maybe they’d never let you walk back out of there. Eh, I’d probably risk it…

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 10.14.11 PM


3. Rock of Aigulhe

Standing strong even after a thousand years, the chapel of St. Michel is called the Rock of Aigulhe. It is perched on top of a volcanic plug. Perhaps after a thousand years, it’s safe from lava blowing it straight up in the air. I wonder if the seats are warm!


20-Unusual-CPII-saint-michel-dAiguilhe-chapel (2


4. Trendsetters Church

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Trendsetters Church looks like one of the pyramids. It was built by Neil Frisby in 1973. There’s a lot of weird churches in the desert.


5. Lotus Temple

Found in Delhi, India, the Lotus Temple is dubbed as one of the most complicated structures in the world. Around 800 artisans, engineers and others worked for ten years to get it erected.


6. Cathedral of Brasilia

Looking like a giant crown, this cathedral is said to provide a more spiritual experience because it enables natural light to illuminate the building from top to bottom.


7. Church of St. George

Shaped like a cross, the Church of St. George in Ethiopia is completely carved out of stone.



8. Cadet Chapel of the United States Air Force Academy

A fine example of modernist architecture, this church in Colorado definitely has a sharp, edgy feel to it. It does not look that inviting to me personally.



9. St. Augustine Church

This bell-shaped structure is located in Brookland, Kent.




10. Device to Root Out Evil

This structure in Calgary, Canada, is seen as a force to root out evil. A country church is a balancing on a steeple. Maybe because no people can enter, it’s not evil?



11. St. Joseph Ukrainian Catholic Church

This structure looks like a piece of Russian architecture but it is actually located in Chicago. Maybe Russians built it.




12. Las Lajas Cathedral

This magnificent structure in Colombia is built inside the canyon of the Guaitara river. The Virgin Mary was supposed to have appeared here, though I seriously doubt it.


13. Snow Church

Construction of the Snow Church in Germany was initially delayed because of the lack of snow.



14. Tank Church

This church in the Netherlands sends a powerful message. Not of peace.


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