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21 Life Hacks You Can’t Live Without – #18 will change your life!

Life is about the journey, but anytime we can cut corners and make the tedious chores of day to day living a bit easier  – – we’ll take it!! Here are our favorite life hacks dedicated to everyone who just needs a break in life!

#1 Finally! We won’t hammer our fingers!

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 1.02.04 PM








#2 We’ll be the hit of the party!

life hacks ice cream










#3 Genius! No more bending over to reach under the sink!

life hack - hanging shoe rack









#4 You mean I don’t need to hire a housekeeper?

life hack - microwave







#5 Make cocktails or iced tea stylish for your next party!

decorate lemons









#6 So much better than flossing!

cut with dental floss - life hacks







#7  This one is nutty!!

life hack walnuts and wood furniture







#8 More reason to drink more wine! More room for the towels!

life hacks wine rack










#9 Who is going to get the glitter key?

life hack - nail polish keys










#10  Can we cook our dinner too?

life hacks - candle and spaghetti











#11 Great idea!!

life hacks iPhone battery life










#12 Chapstick purse, lol!! Good for the club too!

life hacks - chapstick purse










#13  Netflix! here I come!!

life hacks credit card gift card








#14  This is a classic hack!

life hacks velcro rug










#15 that’s why I keep crayolas in my garage!

life hacks candle crayon









#16 Save your fast food straws!!

life hacks strawberry straw










#17 Yes!!

life hacks tea bag deodorizer









#18 Our pancakes will look just like IHOP now!!

life hack - ketchup pancake batter









#19 Starbucks who?

life hacks iced coffee ice cubes










#20 Not just for the gas station!!

life hacks pet hair carpet










#21 I thought this was a lost cause, until now!

life hacks rubber band screw

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