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23 Famous Heroes of Beards & Mustaches: I’m Gonna Have To Try Some Of These…

Amazing beards and mustaches, fu-manchus, handlebars: nothing short of a phenomenon. A conundrum. Why?? Why not?

Throughout the course of human history, many famous men have sported their well-known mustaches and beards. While we will never know for certain if it was the mustache that made the star burn so brightly or the other way around but one thing is certain: we know them by their whiskers!

Here are some great beards and mustaches over the passage of time:

1. General Ambrose Burnside: politician, Union general, railroad man. In more interesting news, he is known as the Father of Sideburns. This photo will show why. (Burnside aka sideburns)


2. The immortal Abraham Lincoln. Freed the slaves. Won the War. And he did it all with his whiskers on.


3. Charles Darwin. His theory of evolution has helped steer scientific discovery for generations. All of this great wisdom could have been located in that tremendous beard of his.


4. Charlie Chaplin. Before Adolf Hitler sported the toothbrush style and gave it a sinister twist that is now avoided by most men, Charlie actually made the inch-long crumb-catcher something of a calling card.



5. Brigham Young. The Mormon prophet made it clear to his flock and 55 wives who was the head honcho- and he did it with his flowing beard. Incidentally, Brigham Young University which was named after him, does not allow most of its male students to follow Young’s love for facial hair though many maintain his interest in polygamy.


6. Salvador Dali. A painter who popularized the surrealist movement, Dali said he grew his waxed mustache which pointed northwards because it’s better for his health. I’m pretty sure he made that up, although horseshoes point up for the same reason. Maybe he was on to something.

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 4.36.54 PM

7. Wyatt Earp. Cowboys from Dodge City to the Dakota Territory cowered in fear when they heard that Wyatt Earp, with his mustache, was coming. I really just see Kurt Russell in this picture.


8. Elvis Presley. Great chops all around.


9. Walt Frazier. This NBA legend led the New York Knicks to a couple of NBA championships when he played from 1967-1977 with his awesome defense and his incredible sideburns.



10. Grizzly Adams. This thick-bearded man is famous for befriending a huge bear. Hard to tell which one’s which.


11. Tom Selleck. Mr. Moustache. If he ain’t 80’s, nothing is.


12. Hulk Hogan. Terry Gene Bollea sported his dyed classic horseshoe mustache over the course of his 30-year wrestling career. The American Mustache Institute objected to Hogan’s decision to ditch his whiskers in 2012, saying that he was a “leading figure in the sexually dynamic mustached American community.” They make a good point, really. Keep the handlebar, Hulkster!


13. Rollie Fingers. This Baseball Hall of Famer changed everything when Chuck Finley challenged his team to grow the best set of whiskers. Rollie won.


14. ZZ Top. Who would Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill be without their awesome beards? Probably a great house band in Austin, is my guess.



15. Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society has one cool beard. And he truly is a god of rock & roll.

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 4.56.02 PM

16. Albert Einstein. He arrived at the Theory of Relativity in no small part due to his disheveled-looking but cool mustache: the mark of a true genius.



17. Alex Trebeck. This Jeopardy host may have shaved his mustache in 2001 but he got a lot less cool when he did.


18. Lionel Richie. A singer, songwriter, wearer of iconic mustache.


19. Clark Gable. He was Rhett Butler in “Gone with the Wind” and his mustache rocked 5 wives and the world.


20. Walter Cronkite. Classic anchorman for the CBS Evening News, this American broadcaster and journalist delivered the news with this mustache on.


21. Freddie Mercury. The front man for Queen wowed his audience not only with his voice but with his mustache as well.

Photo credit: Rex Features

22. John Waters. Hollywood filmmaker has had his pencil-thin mustache since the seventies. Seems like you could just wipe that thing off, but guess what? You can’t.


23. What beard compilation would be complete without Scott Ian of Anthrax? Not this one…Here he is in all his glory:

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 5.09.03 PM

If you’re interested in growing your own whiskers, you should have more than enough great ideas now…So get to work!!

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