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In Creepy News… 9 Year Old South African Boy Gets Married….To a 62 Year Old Woman!


It’s a story that is shocking people all over the world, wanting to know how and why a 9 year old boy married a 62 year old woman in South Africa.

A wedding ceremony took place in Mpumalanga, South Africa for 9 year old Saneie Masilela, and 62 year old Helen Shabangu. According to the Daily Mirror, the couple married last year to respect the wishes of Masilela’s dead ancestors who told him to marry. He claimed that if he did not abide by the ancestors, something bad would have occurred to him and his family.

They made the marriage official this year, with over 100 guests there to witness. Some guests called the marriage “sickening’, while others, like Helen’s husband of many years was there for support. Alfred Shabangu, 66, has no problem with the marriage; he said: “My kids and I are happy because we don’t have a problem with her marrying the boy – and I don’t care what other people say.” Alfred and Helen have five children together.




Masilela and Shabangu do not plan to live together, or become involved intimately: ““I told my mother that I wanted to get married because I really did want to. When I’m older I will marry a lady my own age. I chose Helen because I love her and, although we don’t live together all the time, we meet at the dumping site where my mother works regularly” said Masilela.

 Masilela and Shabangu are happy to be married, and happy that they listened to their ancestors orders.


(Shabangu and Masilela display their wedding rings)

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