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Burger King, McDonalds and Chic Fil A all have a Secret Menu… And You Will NEVER BELIEVE What Is On It… I Think #10 Is Too Much!!!

Everybody loves fast food, but most people don’t know that there are secret items that are not listed on the menus.  Some may require an immediate trip to the cardiologist.  These are some of the most outrageous secret menu items you have to have on your bucket list (you won’t believe the last one):


Animal Style Fries

This is an actual secret menu item (personal experience) if you get the right person in the drive thru.  The Animal Style Fries boasts In N Out’s fresh cut french fries, their hamburger spread, grilled onions, pickles (if wanted), and cheese.  This secret food is as heavy as it sounds, but if you’re up to it, they really hit the spot…literally.  Again, know a good cardiologist.


Mustard Grilled Patty

Okay, so on the surface, this sounded gross to me…until I tried it.  I also found out this is one of the more popular secret menu items.  What they do is smother your hamburger patty with mustard and then they put it on the grill.  What comes out is a burger patty that has a little crunch on the outside, with a little “bite” to it in flavor.  I highly recommend this secret menu item for those looking for a little extra flavor, and it does not come out tasting like mustard.


Jamba Juice

Pina Colada

If made correctly, this is as good of a virgin drink as you’ll find at a bar without the “woo-hoo” effect.  Made with pineapple juice, coconut, frozen yogurt, banana, and some coconut, this concoction can take the edge off a hot summer day.  You may have to find someone that’s been at the store for a little while to get one, but they also might just have to look in their recipe book for it.


Gummy Bear Red

This one is a little harder to find, just because few employees had heard of it.  When I tried to order it, the kid behind the counter got a glazed look in his eyes.  If you can actually get one (I’ve only had one), this drink is very sweet and is one of the few drinks that tastes like liquid candy.  If you pass out easily from too much sugar, make sure you’re sitting when you drink this, and due to the high sugar content in this drink, know a good dentist.



Chick-fil-A Spicy Char sandwich

If you’re in the mood for a healthy sandwich that has some zing to it, then the Spicy Char sandwich is for you.  Instead of settling for the traditional grilled chicken sandwich, tell them to Spicy Char your sandwich and you’ll get the spicy version of the grilled chicken with just enough kick to leave your taste buds tingling.  This sandwich is actually pretty good, and is available at all Chick-fil-A restaurants as it’s one of their more popular secret items.


Burger King

The BK Ham and Cheese sandwich

Not in the mood for a Whopper with cheese?  Well go non-traditional with the BK Ham & Cheese sandwich.  Made with sliced ham and American cheese, this popular secret menu item will leave you full and satisfied.  Try it with a little barbecue sauce and this sandwich will melt in your mouth.  Not on the menu, but easy to get.  Rare to see this type of sandwich at a burger joint.  Try it.


Burger King Frings

Not sure if you want French Fries or onion rings?  Well now you can have both.  This is a true secret menu item that satisfies both hungers.  Frings is a combination of half French Fries and half onion rings with your meal.  Didn’t know you could do that?  Me neither until I did it…twice.


BK Suicide Burger

Just as it sounds, this whopping sandwich comes with four patties, four slices of cheese, a stack of bacon, and BK’s sauce.  Everything is there to keep your doctor in business.  Now when I ordered this, they weren’t sure what it was as they call it a quad burger special, but I got what I ordered just fine.  Now the next challenge is being able to eat it all.  Forget the fries or onion rings, this sucker will keep you busy for a good 20-30 minutes.  Then make sure you don’t pass out around any sharp objects.



Land, Sea & Air Burger

So this is not something that most McDonald’s employees have heard of, so I had to assemble it myself.  I did it by ordering a Big Mac (land), Filet-o-Fish (sea), and a McChicken (I guess chickens fly?) sandwich.  I took the chicken patty and fish patty and threw them into the buns as shown in the picture.  To say that this is a strange assortment of flavors would be an understatement, but the look from the family at the table next to me was worth every $9 for this.  Now I just need a medic.


The Monster Mac

In what should be called the Mac Daddy of all Big Macs, this Monstrosity of a Burger features eight (yes, eight) patties on a traditional Big Mac set of buns.  After getting asked, “Do you really want to get that?” from the person behind the counter, cozy up to this sucker, take a selfie with it, unloosen the first button (or two) on your pants, and go for it.  Note:  Have the number to a good cardiologist handy.


What’s on your secret menu bucket list?


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