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14 Tiny Houses to Make You Go Awe! #6 is so cute!

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 2.24.21 PM

Smurfs, Hobbits, and now you can all live little-lized with tiny houses. People all over the world are custom building 600 sq feet and below tiny houses to lead a more simpler and compact life. Which one of these tiny houses could you see yourself living in? #1  387 sq. ft. solar powered cottage with […]

12 Most Outrageous Kids Rooms – #2 is OMG!!

pirate ship kids bed

Remember your bedroom as a kid? We bet it wasn’t as insane as these kids’ rooms! From Fairy Princess Castles to Trucks and Lego themed-rooms – welcome to outrageousness courtesy of even more outrageous parents who dared to decorate these extravagant kid spaces!   #12 This is the coolest book fort bedroom! Now we can […]

21 Life Hacks You Can’t Live Without – #18 will change your life!

life hacks candle crayon

Life is about the journey, but anytime we can cut corners and make the tedious chores of day to day living a bit easier  – – we’ll take it!! Here are our favorite life hacks dedicated to everyone who just needs a break in life! #1 Finally! We won’t hammer our fingers!       […]

Best Sandwich Idea Ever? Chic-Fil-A Matched With Red Lobster Biscuit

chic fila a sandwich

A woman from San Francisco may have just come up with the greatest sandwich idea EVER. Brittany Forks texted a group of her friends her brilliant sandwich idea, and they were instantly ecstatic. They then executed the idea, and what may be the greatest sandwich idea, was born: Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuit & a […]

Pranks Everyone Should Try

Pranks are a fun way to break through our over scheduled lives and get back at those that deserve it!   Here are a few fun ones that you can try.   1. Cheetos covering the entire desk.   There are always cheaper versions of snacks, so this can be done with a fairly low […]

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