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21 Hilarious Warning Signs: Enjoy!!

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Perhaps bad press is better than no press. If these signs aren’t the perfect reminder of that, I’m not sure what is. These are totally unbelievable!! 1. Laser Warning   2. No whiners at this office!     3. Hey, better to know ahead of time       4. How many incidents preceded the […]

22 Pics of Super Cool Celebrity Dads… You-Know-Who in #18 is Awesome!!

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It’s not every day we see celebs caring for their little ones. Walk around the Upper East Side or near the beach in Malibu and it’s not uncommon to see the hired help pushing the stroller and buying groceries. Hey, certainly nothing wrong with that! However, it’s pretty cool to see our favorite stars rolling […]

10 Year Old Banjo Boy Wonder – Tell Me This Isn’t Incredible!

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This little guy absolutely crushes ‘Dueling Banjos’ like he’s been picking for years and years…Chances are, he will be. The other two boys in Sleepy Man Banjo are no slouches either! Can’t wait to see what these guys can do as they get older. Here’s their rendition of the ‘ol mountain tune!

15 Boss Rides Owned By People You Just Might Recognize…

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Rick Ross keepin’ it real in the Seven Tre… ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons sporting a mere sampling of his collection….   Amanda Heard rolls in the ’68 Mustang T-Pain and his one of a kind ’72 Impala Joker Aaron Paul’s  Lamborghini Aventador. An instant classic, as is its owner. ’72 Lamborghini owned by Nicolas Cage. […]

34 Shocking Works of Art…. You Won’t Believe # 26 is a Pencil Drawing!


The art comes alive! Is it real? From this world or another one??? Here’s 34 amazingly realistic pieces… Prepare to be blown away! The Street Masterpieces of Julian Beever, the “Pavement Picasso” 1. 2. 3.   4.  5.  Oil Paintings of Tjalf Sparnaay 6. 7. 8.   9.   10.  11. Tattoos by Cory Ferguson […]

31 Celeb Photos sans Makeup and STILL STUNNING… #10 ROCKED our world!!


We’re all used to seeing celebrities after teams of professionals squeeze, pull, and paint these dolls into place. After the show, most celebs are just regular old folks. Some however…are still so wonderfully beautiful. 1. Beyonce just woke up…How could anyone look this good so early in the morning?   2. Singer and actress Bella […]

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