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21 Of The Most Bizarre Animals You’ve Ever Seen – #16 Will Freak You Out!!


Nature is completely amazing…breathtaking. There’s nothing better than being far away from the cell phones and stress of everyday life ready to take it all in… What we find when we get there can overwhelm us in ways that could never happen at home no matter how advanced our society becomes. At the ends of […]

21 Inspiring Cancer Survivors Guaranteed To Make You Smile… (And Probably Cry)

Image: Holli Hall-Gundlach via Pinterest

Battling cancer is NO JOKE. Even for survivors, most say it’s the toughest experience they could ever face. However, being diagnosed does not mean it’s the end. More and more, it’s the beginning of a rebirth for those who were able to fight the disease and keep on going… These photos might just inspire those […]

33 Majestic Photos of the Moon…. Number 9 Took My Breath Away!!

Screen shot 2014-04-18 at 10.47.23 AM

The moon has been the subject of stories and poetry. In romantic or horror movies, the moon in the background evokes just the right element of love or fear. Indeed, the moon’s majesty never fails to amaze us. These 33 pictures are proof… 1. Even this smokestack on Mare Island is stunning with the moon […]

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