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Do You Judge People on First Impressions ? This 90 Second PRANK Will Change The Way You do it Forever

A few couples took part without their consent into a prank that was designed to change the way they judge human beings on their first encounter.


Everything was arranged by Carlsberg in Belgium. 148 bikers were placed into a theater waiting for couples to take their seats in the middle of the room.


At first a few of them were reluctant to take their seat “You Got to be Kidding me” one of the first husband exclaimed


“This is Not What I Paid For” another one was grumbling in the background


A few of them left the theater without even saying a word

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After a few disappointed couples, guess what ? A few of them had the “Courage” to take their chance and take a seat in the middle of the room.



At the end of the video they were cheered. Cheered by everyone present there for their courage to stand up their fear of judging people on first impressions.




I’m sure you will love to see the whole Video Prank Here:



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