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Flopper Rankings In World Cup 2014… Guess Who Is The Worst!

If you have been paying attention to the world cup at all then you have heard about the floppers – well the WSJ went out and did the work to figure out who the WORST floppers have been in World Cup 2014. Check it out.





Here are the rankings by country… broken into several different flopping categories:




So… crunching the data – here is the breakdown:

The Team Most Commonly Seen in Anguish: Brazil. There were 17 incidents in two games when a member of the Seleção was seen on the ground in pain—the most of any country. World Cup poster boy Neymar had five such “injuries,” the most on his team. In every case he was back on his feet within 15 seconds.

The Overall Writhing-Time Champions: Honduras. Los Catrachos spent the most time on the ground or being tended to by trainers: seven minutes and 40 seconds to be exact. Naturally, five minutes and 10 seconds of that came in the first half against France when the match was tied (which would have been good enough for them).

The Team Most Likely to Grin and Bear it: Bosnia and Herzegovina. These World Cup newbies obviously don’t get how this works. They only had two “injuries” in two games for a total of 24 seconds of writhing time.

The Team With the Most Carnage in One Game: Chile. While they protected an early lead against Spain, the Chileans tallied 11 “injuries,” more than 24 other teams had in two games.

The Fastest “Injury” Yet: Enner Valencia, Ecuador. Against Honduras, Valencia was on the ground, clutching his leg after four seconds.

Worst Use of a Stretcher: 5 players (tie) Of the nine players carried off in these matches, five returned—all in less than 90 seconds, including American DaMarcus Beasley.

Tired of the floppers? We are too – but here’s a couple more!

flopper4 flopper5



Source: WSJ

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