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Best Sandwich Idea Ever? Chic-Fil-A Matched With Red Lobster Biscuit

chic fila a sandwich

A woman from San Francisco may have just come up with the greatest sandwich idea EVER. Brittany Forks texted a group of her friends her brilliant sandwich idea, and they were instantly ecstatic. They then executed the idea, and what may be the greatest sandwich idea, was born: Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuit & a […]

Pranks Everyone Should Try

Pranks are a fun way to break through our over scheduled lives and get back at those that deserve it!   Here are a few fun ones that you can try.   1. Cheetos covering the entire desk.   There are always cheaper versions of snacks, so this can be done with a fairly low […]

Five Must-See Action Movies Coming Out This Summer

Summer is known for action movies and this summer is no exception.  Here are ten of some of the most talked about summer movies that should not be missed!   1. Lucy Lucy is already out in theaters and the action packed flick is popular with its weekend box office gross at $44.03 million.  During […]

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