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Pranks Everyone Should Try

Pranks are a fun way to break through our over scheduled lives and get back at those that deserve it!   Here are a few fun ones that you can try.


1. Cheetos covering the entire desk.  

There are always cheaper versions of snacks, so this can be done with a fairly low price tag.  It can also be done relatively fast so you can get in and get out! Just spill out the contents of the Cheetos all over the desk and run.


2. The popular post-it note prank

Maybe its all the colors, but this has to be one of my favorite ones.  It can be done in the office, in your roommate’s bedroom or even on a friend’s car.  The opportunities are endless!


3. Wrapping everything in aluminum foil

This one can take some time since it has the best effect when everything is wrapped.  All the work comes with great reward, though,  when the prank-ee gets their first glance at everything that needs to be unwrapped.


4. The upside down glass full of water prank

This one looks tricky and may need some practice but the results are too clever to pass up.  You fill the glasses with water and very quickly turn them face down onto the surface.  Then, wipe away the water that undoubtedly spilled.


5. Soap that won’t work

This one is so simple that its a wonder everyone hasn’t tried it.  Just put clear nail polish all over the soap so that it doesn’t do its job in the shower.  Getting clean isn’t supposed to be so hard, is it?


Hopefully these ideas will help you get the deed done.  Just prepare yourself for some revenge pranks.  Everyone loves a prank war, right?

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