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This 15 Year Old Kid Just Took The Ultimate Selfie… You’ll Never Guess Who Is In The Background!

A photo taken on Sunday night shows Nebraska boy Tom White standing on a Dundee street and giving the camera a thumbs-up – as Paul McCartney and Warren Buffett sit right behind him on a park bench…


His mother said that Jacob and White photographed one another standing in front of the Beatle and his dinner companion.

‘Paul was very kind and wonderful to the kids,’ she said.

Though the boys were photographed with McCartney and Buffett in the background, one fan managed to pose right next with them – on her birthday, no less.

‘I can do one better than a selfie! Best bday ever!’ Katy Clarke wrote on Twitter.

McCartney and Buffett ate in town at Avoli restaurant and later bought ice cream from eCreamery, reported.


I guess you never know who you might see in Omaha!



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