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This Guy Thinks He Can Defy Gravity But The Penalty For Error Is Certain Death! Spoiler: 3,000ft + No Rope!!!!

Meet Alex “No Big Deal” Honnold, the most insane rock climber. Honnold was born in Sacramento, California. He started rock climbing 18 years ago. Now he is considered the best free soloing climber in the world.
Free solo climbing, also known as free soloing is a form of free climbing where the climber relies only on his physical strength and climbing ability. That’s right: no ropes, harnesses or any protective gear!! Exposure to hazards like debris from falling rocks, wet rocks, weather, wildlife, anxiety and panic attacks makes free soloing the most dangerous sport in the world. Half the people known to free solo are dead in climbing accidents.


This is Sentinel Rock, a giant peak in Yosemite National Park.


After two hours of hiking, Alex reaches the base of the climb.sentinel2

The point of no return: from this point the only way off the wall is UP!sentinel4sentinel5

In this position, Alex weight is just on four fingers.


Wet rocks are really bad.


1500 feet up !

This is absolutely insane! The hardest sequence of moves with no room for error!

Alex – The King of Yoseminte!


Watch the full documentary here:

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